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Frequently Asked Questions

What are workforce development and STEAM education?

Workforce development at the STEAM Academy gives students opportunities in various career pathways with coursework that incorporates the STEAM principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to prepare students for in-demand careers and real-world success.

Who can attend the River Valley STEAM Academy?

Tenth through 12th-grade students in the Western Pennsylvania region are welcome to attend the STEAM Academy.

How much does it cost to attend the STEAM Academy?

STEAM Academy tuition would be paid by sending schools following the same model currently used when students attend a career and technology center. There is no tuition cost for students and their families. Some programs may require students to purchase safety equipment, specialized clothing, or other supplies.

If my child doesn’t attend or live in River Valley School District, can they attend the STEAM Academy?

Yes. Students and their families have the power to pursue desired education programs without barriers. Students who wish to attend the STEAM Academy must be permitted to do so. Any student in grades 10-12 is eligible to apply.

Do I have to be an incoming 10th-grade student to attend?

No. Students can begin the program wherever they are in their high school careers. STEAM Academy teachers work with individual students to ensure all learners achieve their goals within the timeframe of their instruction. It is recommended that interested students begin technical programs in the 10th-grade year to maximize the benefits of career-driven education.

What are my scheduling options at the River Valley STEAM Academy? 

STEAM Academy programs complement the academic coursework required for graduation in Pennsylvania. There are morning and afternoon sessions available at the STEAM Academy. Students can complete academic courses at their sending high schools or participate in a cyber school program for core academics. It is possible for students who live in other districts to attend RVSD full-time for both academic and STEAM coursework. For more information on scheduling, please call 724-343-3230.

How do students get to and from the STEAM Academy?

Depending on the location of the sending school, students could be bused between the STEAM Academy and their sending schools. For transportation information, please call 724-343-3230.

Can STEAM Academy students participate in extracurricular activities at their sending schools?

Of course! Students are encouraged to participate in sports, music, or other extracurricular activities at their sending high schools.

Do students graduate from River Valley STEAM Academy?

No. Students will receive diplomas from their sending high schools and celebrate graduation with their sending school classmates. STEAM Academy students will earn certifications and industry credentials that appear on their transcripts.

Can STEAM Academy students go to college?

Absolutely. STEAM Academy students can attend college to continue their education toward their desired career goals or they can enter the workforce after graduation. Students at the STEAM Academy have opportunities to achieve a variety of career-specific certifications that make them marketable to employers in their fields.

How do STEAM Academy students earn college credit?

Students can save time and money on the cost of education by earning college credits in high school. The STEAM Academy has articulation agreements with several post-secondary institutions, including the Pennsylvania College of Technology, PennWest University (California, Clarion, Edinboro), among others. Articulation agreements allow students to earn credit for specific post-secondary institutions at no cost while completing courses at the STEAM Academy. Dual enrollment is also an option for qualified students in certain programs. Please call 724-343-3230 for more information on how STEAM Academy students earn college credit.

How do STEAM Academy students gain real-world experience?

STEAM Academy programs mirror experiences that students would encounter in the workforce. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for students to participate in job shadowing and pre-apprenticeships.

Can I visit the STEAM Academy before enrolling?

Of course! River Valley STEAM Academy hosts open houses and tours throughout the school year. Individual visits may be arranged, too. Please call 724-343-3230 or email to schedule a tour.

How do I apply to the STEAM Academy?

Ready to customize your high school experience and take the first step toward your future? Please call 724-343-3230 or email to request an application.